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I rode a horse and lived to tell about it

Yesterday I entered the amazing world of equestrian amusement. After having helped clean the stables a few times (and being bit by a horse in the process) it was finally time for me enjoy some horse riding. Bareback riding even.

At first I was handed a bucket with which I was supposed to get up on the horse, but it was an Ardennes breed so that try ended up with me falling of the bucket in a bit of slapstick comedy. A proper chair was then brought forth and I was able to mount the horse.

When I was sitting comfortably on the and holding the reins in my hands it was time to set off. At first I was a bit unsure of how to control the horse, but after a bit of practice I found that it was a bit more subtle than I had thought it'd be and I made some adjustments to my steering. The ride was (thankfully) rather uneventful but nonetheless fun and I was able to return to the stables uninjured.

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