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Back to work

Today's the day a lot of people go back to work after two weeks of Christmas and New Years holiday, me included. (Although I worked half a day on Monday.) I'm not used to getting up this early...

The past week or so has been really soft. M and I have been cooking good food (canneloni with ricotta and spinached, topped by tomato sause for example), watching movies and cuddling, but we have also visited friends and family and gotten some exercise.

New Years Eve was nice. I started the day by going on a run. M and I spent it at a party with a couple of her friends. There was dinner, good music, champagne and lots of fun. We went to sleep at half past six in the morning and spent the next day being tired.

We visited my mom last weekend and tried out the sauna she and her husband has recently built. It's a wooden fired sauna built in a outhouse. When you enter the outhouse there's a little room you can sit and relax in after being in the sauna, and this night it was about 0 degrees there. It was quiet cozy sitting in robes talking in the candlelit room.

Yesterday I went on another run, and afterwards my legs and knees hurt a bit. I think I go to get them checked out, it wasn't like that when I was running in the summer.

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