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Best run... ever?

Today I spent some of my christmas money on some fleece running clothes. As usual I don't know the term in english, but when you're running in cold weather you can wear three layers of clothes. The first layer is tight and close to the body, the second layer is a bit thicker and not so tight and the third layer is loose and is to protect from the wind. Anyway, it was the second layer of clothes I bought today.

I ran the 7 km run that I've started running lately and today the conditions were better than ever. It's always been a bit icy and slippery. The weather hasn't always been that good either, one time it was raining. Today the weather was beautiful and the air was dry and thus that good kind of winter cool. I got that adrenaline rush pretty early on and my iPod was playing some cheesy hardcore music, so everything felt just great.

When I came back home I was the right amount of tired, so tired that I couldn't have ran much more but not so tired I couldn't recoup quiet quickly. I poured a hot bath while I cooled off and then brought something to drink while I soaked in the hot water. So it was a pretty darn good run.

BTW, the word of today on is dendrophile. Yeah, that's a word people ought to know.

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