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Christmas week

Christmas week is over, and it's been a few busy days and a couple of lazy ones.

On Christmas Eve I first visited my father, and then Jonny & Jenny in the evening. On Christmas Day I visited my father again, and this time my sisters were there. Christmas Day is traditionally a day when a lot of people go out to party and to meet a lot of friends. This year it seemed that there were less people going out, but since I managed to see some of my old time friends and later on Maria I was happy with the evening.

The day after Christmas Day Maria and I had a pretty lazy day, all we did was cook some good food and watch The Dark Knight. Yesterday Maria showed me her horses, and I took some pictures:

Maria had me do stable duties.
She too put in a good effort.
These horses are a bit bigger than they appear in this picture, and they like to nibble on humans.
These are Maria's horses. They are normal sized, and they did not try to eat me.

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