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A good day amongst others

Today is a good day, even if I will have to do the last of the packing tonight.

Yesterday I started defrosting the freezer, and when I went to bed late last night it wasn't done yet. I was unsure if the containers I had set out were enough to contain all the water, but this morning I saw that they had been just enough, which was pretty lucky.

At lunch I bought some clothes to wear when I go partying tomorrow, mainly because I've packed almost everything I own. When I tried on a pair of pants I realized that I've gone down a size. Looks like the exercise and change in diet is starting to pay off.

After that I went to Systembolaget, to further prepare for the weekend. There I was asked for an ID, whichs means I look a lot younger than I really am. That's a good trait when being single.

Soon I'm going to Borlänge to sign the papers for the house, and hopefully we'll finalize the deal pretty soon.

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