OK Soda

Holy crap, Daniel Clowes and Charles Burns designed the cans for some soda called OK Soda! I'd drink that all day if it was still available.
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I rode a horse and lived to tell about it

Yesterday I entered the amazing world of equestrian amusement. After having helped clean the stables a few times (and being bit by a horse in the process) it was finally time for me enjoy some horse riding. Bareback riding even.

At first I was handed a bucket with which I was supposed to get up on the horse, but it was an Ardennes breed so that try ended up with me falling of the bucket in a bit of slapstick comedy. A proper chair was then brought forth and I was able to mount the horse.

When I was sitting comfortably on the and holding the reins in my hands it was time to set off. At first I was a bit unsure of how to control the horse, but after a bit of practice I found that it was a bit more subtle than I had thought it'd be and I made some adjustments to my steering. The ride was (thankfully) rather uneventful but nonetheless fun and I was able to return to the stables uninjured.
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Weekend report

I got an activity weekend as a christmas present from M, and this Saturday it was time to do the promised activities.

We got up at 9 AM, had some breakfast and headed out to the lake Runn. We were going to do sometour skating, and since it was the first time for both of us we had to rent some skates. We to the shop just after it had opened, which was good 'cause when we were ready to set out there had come a lot of people who also wanted to rent skates. Once we got onto the ice it was apparent that the weather was awesome and the ice was (mostly) very good. The first few minutes we were a bit unstable, but after that it went really well and it was so much fun swooshing around on the lake on skates. When we were done we had spent three and a half hours there, including a food break, and we must have skated more than two miles (20 km).

In the afternoon we went to Aqua Nova to relax in the sauna and hot tub, and have some fun in the water slides. We were the for a bit less than two hours which we thought would give us ample time, but when we had to leave when the place was closing I think we both felt like we could have stayed half an hour or so more.

At the end of the day we were both pretty tired and hungry, so we finished the day off with some thai food and Ben & Jerry's ice cream in my sofa.
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Back to work

Today's the day a lot of people go back to work after two weeks of Christmas and New Years holiday, me included. (Although I worked half a day on Monday.) I'm not used to getting up this early...

The past week or so has been really soft. M and I have been cooking good food (canneloni with ricotta and spinached, topped by tomato sause for example), watching movies and cuddling, but we have also visited friends and family and gotten some exercise.

New Years Eve was nice. I started the day by going on a run. M and I spent it at a party with a couple of her friends. There was dinner, good music, champagne and lots of fun. We went to sleep at half past six in the morning and spent the next day being tired.

We visited my mom last weekend and tried out the sauna she and her husband has recently built. It's a wooden fired sauna built in a outhouse. When you enter the outhouse there's a little room you can sit and relax in after being in the sauna, and this night it was about 0 degrees there. It was quiet cozy sitting in robes talking in the candlelit room.

Yesterday I went on another run, and afterwards my legs and knees hurt a bit. I think I go to get them checked out, it wasn't like that when I was running in the summer.
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Last night

Yesterday M and I met up with some friends of hers and went out for dinner and a movie. We had indian food, which was good but unfortunately we picked some dishes that weren't as spicy as indian food should be. When we got to the movie theater we saw that the movie we had intended to see wasn't showing anymore that night, so we had to pick another one. After a bit of discussion we chose the Swedish comedy Allt flyter. It was an OK but forgettable movie.
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Best run... ever?

Today I spent some of my christmas money on some fleece running clothes. As usual I don't know the term in english, but when you're running in cold weather you can wear three layers of clothes. The first layer is tight and close to the body, the second layer is a bit thicker and not so tight and the third layer is loose and is to protect from the wind. Anyway, it was the second layer of clothes I bought today.

I ran the 7 km run that I've started running lately and today the conditions were better than ever. It's always been a bit icy and slippery. The weather hasn't always been that good either, one time it was raining. Today the weather was beautiful and the air was dry and thus that good kind of winter cool. I got that adrenaline rush pretty early on and my iPod was playing some cheesy hardcore music, so everything felt just great.

When I came back home I was the right amount of tired, so tired that I couldn't have ran much more but not so tired I couldn't recoup quiet quickly. I poured a hot bath while I cooled off and then brought something to drink while I soaked in the hot water. So it was a pretty darn good run.

BTW, the word of today on tyda.se is dendrophile. Yeah, that's a word people ought to know.
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Christmas week

Christmas week is over, and it's been a few busy days and a couple of lazy ones.

On Christmas Eve I first visited my father, and then Jonny & Jenny in the evening. On Christmas Day I visited my father again, and this time my sisters were there. Christmas Day is traditionally a day when a lot of people go out to party and to meet a lot of friends. This year it seemed that there were less people going out, but since I managed to see some of my old time friends and later on Maria I was happy with the evening.

The day after Christmas Day Maria and I had a pretty lazy day, all we did was cook some good food and watch The Dark Knight. Yesterday Maria showed me her horses, and I took some pictures:

Maria had me do stable duties.
She too put in a good effort.
These horses are a bit bigger than they appear in this picture, and they like to nibble on humans.
These are Maria's horses. They are normal sized, and they did not try to eat me.
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